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    ShowMyPC is a free and highly usable remote control software that allows users to connect to their computers from any place of the world, having got access to the Internet only. The disadvantage of ShowMyPC software is probably its quite complex functionality, although even this can hardly be a disadvantage, considering how quickly users learn to use it. The process of connecting to someone’s PC looks like this: you need to run ShowMyPC app, a friends of yours should also run this app and click “View Remote PC” option. The next thing to do is to type the password that the remote system provides. Now all is done!

    Features and Capabilities:

    • Doesn’t require registrations and logins;
    • Allows users to view remote PC;
    • Combines an open-source SSH forwarding client with VNC remote access technology;
    • Automatically generates passwords for temporarily sessions;
    • Available in multiple languages;
    • Uses SSH port forwarding mechanism;
    • FREE to download and use!

    ShowMyPC uses SSH port forwarding mechanism which facilitates the process of connecting users to remote PCs. Now you don’t need to put any other information about the computer you’d like to connect to, but a randomly generated by the system password.

    ShowMyPC is truly incredible. It allows users to take screenshots, join scheduled meetings, share conversations using Chat WhiteBoard, and so on and so on. The functionality of the program is powerful. Besides, users have got an option to modify the default server properties of the app for greater convenience. On a whole, “the devil is not as black as he is painted”. The program is quite clear, and straightforward. Using ShowMyPC, users can freely share information between two or more computers from all the corners of the world.

    Download ShowMyPC absolutely FREE of charge and share your data with other users freely and easily!

    Program information
    Current version: 3160
    File size: 2.05 Mb
    License: Freeware
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